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Know all About Kettlebell

Know all About Kettlebell

Kettlebell is one of the most effective exercises modalities which deftly combines the benefits of strength and cardio sessions and improves your core strength, coordination, power, flexibility and balance. It helps to reduce fat quickly and gives a proper muscle toning. This huge cast iron ball with a handle attached on its top looks just like as if a kettle handle has been attached to a ball. Exercises with Kettlebell are recommended for both men and woman of all sizes and shapes.

A brief on the history of Kettlebell


Kettlebell originated in Russia and has been in use since 1704. However, they have never been considered as mainstream gym equipments until now. Such is its flexibility, that this amazing training tool is suitable for both a beginner and a seasoned bodybuilder. There is a basic difference between a Kettlebell and a dumbbell. Unlike a dumbbell, the weight of the Kettlebell is not evenly distributed which means that you need to counter balance and stabilize during your sessions. This helps in building your core strength.

Benefits of Kettlebell


When you are exercising with a Kettlebell, all your muscle groups are evenly targeted and as all muscles are stabilized, you have a full body workout. In a Kettlebell session, your heart starts pumping which means that it translates into metabolic and aerobic benefits. In a Kettlebell session, you can lose up to 900 calories.

Why are People Opting for Kettlebell?


Most people love the Kettlebell because it is challenging, extremely efficient and you require just one equipment to do exercises. There are a number of exercises which you can do with Kettlebell. You can do a two-arm swing, a snatch or a high pull with Kettlebell. In some movements, you need to change weight from one hand to the other as the weight will swing or simply move laterally, stabilizing the body and engaging the core in a totally innovative manner. In other movements, you need power from hips and legs to move the weight which means that you have integrated whole body movements. While dumbbells are good for building muscles slowly, with Kettlebells, the whole body is involved which helps to increase your power, endurance and strength. In a recent study, it has been proven that after 8 weeks of exercise with Kettlebell, both men and women have shown significant improvements in core strength, balance and endurance.