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November 2018

How many times have you stepped inside the locker after finishing your workout, opened your gym bag and found out that you have missed something essential? It is easy to forget things, especially if you are working in a tight schedule and it would be so much simple if you had some sort of a list where you could tick off items so that you need not tax your brain remembering everything! Here’s a perfect list to sail through rough hurried mornings and post-office workouts.

It is not every day that you can update your social media, stating ‘working out with Gautam Gambhir’ or Yousuf Pathan or Darren Bravo. But this year, the Rush Fitness Club members had this opportunity to share the work out space with none other than the King’s men.

Kettlebell is one of the most effective exercises modalities which deftly combines the benefits of strength and cardio sessions and improves your core strength, coordination, power, flexibility and balance. It helps to reduce fat quickly and gives a proper muscle toning. This huge cast iron ball with a handle attached on its top looks just like as if a kettle handle has been attached to a ball. Exercises with Kettlebell are recommended for both men and woman of all sizes and shapes.

Thanks to the huge shift in lifestyle, Yoga is a raging trend. Yoga which is an ancient form of taking care of yourself, has suddenly become a new trend in the current scenario. Researchers from across the globe are catching up on the benefits of Yoga. Find out some of the benefits of Yoga which will force you to step in to your mat.

What if we tell you, that your pre-workout habit is already hampering your work out session? Obviously you will not feel great about it. Working out session should be an essential part of one’s life, not just for a fab body, but for a fit life as well. But hitting the gym is not the only way to stay fit. Your choices and habits should be correct. Here are some of the pre working habits which you must avoid in order to stay fit.